Simplify your marketing: Lay out the foundations for a viable business and marketing system that will actually work for you.

Discover the proven system that will help you grow your brand, attract better clients, and make more money.

"You know that feeling you get when you spend hours chasing prospects and having conversations with people who are just not right for your business, spinning around in circles, doing things that just aren't working, and you’re spending too much time working in the business instead of on it?”

There's an easier way to getting your marketing and sales right.

One that is focused on getting the foundations right and creating a system that will help you get your business working the way you want it to.

One that will allow you to feel in control instead of lost, defeated or wondering whether or not you'll have to throw the towel in and be forever stuck in a job working for somebody else.

Have You Ever Wanted To...

Well now you can!

How, you ask?

Easy peasy.

You join Accelerator!

Hey There, I'm Anfernee Chansamooth aka. "Anf"!

I’m the founder of Simple Creative Marketing and I help wantpreneurs to become entrepreneurs, and small business owners to better leverage their time, money and team to create systems that give them more money, freedom, impact and fulfilment.

I’ve had 8+ years of hands-on digital marketing experience, I’m a complete content marketing and personal branding geek, and I’m committed to bringing you the best and latest practises to implement an online marketing system that works for your unique business.

So, what the heck is Accelerator?

Accelerator is an online course designed to take you from

time-poor, confused, unclear and not getting the results that you want from your marketing and sales


systemised, automated, confident, leveraged, and producing great results for you and your own clients.

You'll receive weekly online video training modules that you can view at any time, from anywhere.

You'll get actionable templates & worksheets, group accountability, and ongoing support.

This is not a wishy washy theoretical course. It's an implement-as-you-go program and my team and I will help you do it.

You'll learn and implement the 7-step system for attracting better clients online and converting them into high paying clients.


In this Course You Will Work On Your...

  • Ideal Client

    When you can clearly articulate who you serve best you’ll end up attracting more of them. This means better rates, better quality clients, less time wasted on people who are just not right for your business, and more fulfilling work that inspires you.

  • Powerful Brand

    Uncover possibilities and potentials that you aren’t even aware of. Make a move on your personal and business branding and, perhaps more importantly, map out your “why” and your brand story so that the right people can connect with it.

  • Sales Funnel

    Set up your end-to-end sales funnel (or optimise your existing funnel) so that you have an automated system for attracting high quality prospects to your business and converting them into paying clients. More money, time and freedom for you!

And You'll Get Awesome Results...

(like Lina who landed a major client after applying just ONE of the sales techniques in Accelerator)

Check Out What Other Entrepreneurs Are Saying About This E-Course

I knew I needed to get more/higher paying clients and have an online presence, but didn't have the steps to get there. Because of Accelerator I got clear on my business goals, was given the motivation to improve, and the easy-to-watch-and-take-in education with actionable steps to make progress was super helpful. I also got my website and lead magnet up and live! This was a big step for me, and I feel that the rest will fall into place in time now that I have that foundation to build on.

Colleen Keith
Colleen Keith Colleen Keith Design

I wanted a system where I could create a strong foundation for attracting the right client and getting paid clients. During the course it was great to share what my brand is about and for people to turn around and say they "understand" it, rather than people getting confused. I felt more confident that I can make my business a reality, and I felt supported along the journey with the group. I loved how lessons were broken down so it was easier to follow. By the end of Accelerator I had laid the foundations for a viable business that will work for me.

Sophia Husbands
Sophia Husbands GoGetter

I uncovered possibilities and potentials that I wasn't even aware of. I have made a move on my personal branding and, more importantly, have mapped out why I need this and who it is intended for. Accelerator is a journey which draws out your real ambition for self and business, that calls you to action with methods and tools you weren't sure you possessed. “Jumanji” for your startup 😉

David Cipriani
David Cipriani Cosmetic dental surgeon

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